Friday, June 19, 2009

Revelations in Ireland Disclose Yet Again the Rotten Structure of the Catholic Church

This news is of course no longer current, since the revelations, in Ireland of all countries, of the sexual abuse by Catholic priests of young boys in orphanages and schools, occurred a month ago. On the other hand, I have not posted to this blog for an even longer period, so I suppose there is a certain symmetry here.

I am not particularly attracted to any of the major or minor superstitions- oops, religions- that have ever existed. But I particularly despise the Catholic Church. Not the millions of devout Catholics in the world, who of course have, under our wonderful First Amendment, the right to worship the deity(s) of their choice. The putrid odor instead emanates from the sanctimonious hypocrites currently in charge of the decaying Catholic organization, who have chronically condoned and concealed the sexual abuse of innocent children (mostly boys) by Catholic priests.

It is bad enough that the malignant leadership of the Catholic church has failed to punish and/or expel priests known to be guilty of the terrible sin of having sex with trusting children. But far worse, these spiritual “leaders” have instead transferred the guilty priests to other flocks of innocent doves, permitting these fiends to continue feasting on new young victims.

The current Catholic church hierarchy clearly qualifies as one of the foulest pestilences that God (if there were a God) has wrought upon the Earth. One wonders what sin Humanity has committed, great enough to justify the visitation upon us of such a putrescent plague. Only God in his infinite wisdom knows!

Here endeth today’s lesson.

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ToTheTailor said...

I don't care much for communist commanding my government on how to conduct governing business. Our country is based upon religious values recorded in almost every history book ever written since the 1700s and earlier. Perhaps every participant in the U.S. government during the 1700s approved in religious activity and many failed to acknowledge that governments should establish a religion. But they never intended to separate government from religion only Karl Marx's little peons did when he called the Atheist extractions for the good of communism.
A smart person knows that there is not, and there never will be abiogenesis to support evolutionary conformation. Ancient religious recordings far surpass modern day speculative sciences and they always will remind science how wrong they have always been.