Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Analytical Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief"

I realize that I haven't posted for awhile. This is because my favorite target, the hypocritical Catholic church hierarchy, that permitted pederastic vampire priests to feed on young innocents, has recently managed to hoist itself by its own petard. The Catholic laeity around the world is now realizing that just about the only segment of the Catholic church that is not completely rotten to the core is represented by the nuns, who work selflessly and tirelessly to help the disadvantaged and the poor of the world. And this formerly quiet group is to be congratulated for recently beginning to organize itself to oppose the cruel censorship imposed upon it from above. The title of today's post is the title of a recent article in Science magazine (Science Vol. 336, April 27, 2012, pp 493-496). The abstract states in part: "...these studies indicate that analytical processing is one factor (presumably among several) that promotes religious disbelief." The conclusion of this scientific study, reported in a highly regarded journal, thus implies that intelligence can contribute to overcoming superstitious religious beliefs. So here's to the day when many or all individuals' native intelligence permits them to see the light of truth through the mud of religion. And I certainly don't mean the light that "God" is rumored to have said "let there be"!