Sunday, April 25, 2010

The King Has No Clothes!

Sure, the Pope does wear clothes- plenty of them, including a sweeping robe, scepter, etc. - to proclaim and advertise the dignity and power of his position as the one infallible man (not a woman of course!) on Earth. Particularly impressive and intimidating is his big hat, with its high top pointing the way to the God on high.

But the ever-growing worldwide sex scandals that are unearthing the gangrene growing in the Catholic church have finally revealed one of the main goals of this organization: to perpetuate itself at all costs. It is now clear that long-accepted practices supporting this goal include hiding the moral turpitude of some of the church’s leaders, who either practiced or concealed pedophilia. The leaders implicated in these scandalous practices now include priests, bishops, and even the earthly CEO himself. And at what a terribly sad ancillary cost: sexually sick “shepherds” permitted to continue to prey wolfishly on fresh young innocents.

Perhaps the moral bankruptcy of the Catholic church hierarchy, now revealed for all the world to see, will someday lead to a realization that the king has no clothes in a different sense: that all of the power and glory of organized religion is based ultimately upon the illusory concept of a god up there who rules our lives.