Friday, October 12, 2007

Proof that Richard Dawkins is God

The “proofs” of the existence of God are both fun and funny. It’s not easy to choose the most amusing one, but one of my favorites is the Ontological Argument. Since St. Anselm proposed it in 1078, this argument has often been restated. Descartes provided a concise statement of one version of this pretty devious and murky proof (

1. I have an idea of a supremely perfect being, i.e., a being having all perfections.

2. Necessary existence is a perfection.

3. Therefore, a supremely perfect being exists.

This argument (and others for God’s existence) has been discussed recently by Richard Dawkins in his excellent book The God Delusion (pp. 8O ff). So I would like to present my own devious ontological proof that Dawkins himself is God. I realize my proof contains logical holes, but probably no more than any of the proofs for the existence of a god(s):

1. Dawkins has shown that God is a delusion.

2. But if God did exist, he/she would be the most supremely perfect being.

3. By #2 in the Descartes proof above, existence is a prerequisite for perfection, so God comes up short on that score.

4. But If God did exist, he could certainly sway many minds.

5. In his books, Dawkins has swayed many minds.

6. Since Dawkins clearly both does mind-swaying and exists, he is more perfect than God, and so must actually be God.


Larro said...
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Larro said...

Better yet. Dawkins would kick Gods ass. LOL
Actually, what would be really cool is to see the Second Coming and have Dawkins convince Jesus that God doesn't exist.
Well, I was trying to be funny.

Anyway. Welcome to the Atheist Blogroll.

Devout Atheist said...


Good idea about Dawkins and Jesus- run with it on one of your blogs!

GoogleLuckyDays said...

Richard Dawkins is not a c***. A c*** is a useful thing. He is a typical arrogant Aries, the most naive of the signs. He has recently realized that Astrology is valid when his progressed Venus squared his natal Neptune. He does not have the courage to admit this since it would weaken his ignorant views about the whole universe being part of a creative impulse.
The part I love is the look he had on his face when he thought he was exposing some astrologer on YouTube as a charlatan. When proof of astrology is found, history will remember what a Dick he was.
That's him in a nutshell. Dick Dorkins.

GoogleLuckyDays said...

Sorry, that was meant to be.. weaken his ignorant argument

GoogleLuckyDays said...

er.. I mean, um

GoogleLuckyDays said...

I mean, um, weaken his ignorant argument about the universe not being part of a creative impulse.

OK, then, what I really mean is that he is a c***

GoogleLuckyDays said...

Google starlove synastry if you are also a c***

People who don't believe in astrology must funk off!!!